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All you need to Know about Frenal Attachments in the Oral Cavity

Though patients are not expected to know the technicalities of the aspects attached to Frenal attachments, however, if you are thinking of undergoing any oral treatment or face problems of frenum, it is good to know the basics. For instance, if you go to Dentist  and you feel puzzled, it would be advised that you read up on the subject before you consult the dentist.

Before understanding the sub-topics related to the frenal attachments, it is good to define the meaning of frenum. To put simply, the fold of a mucous membrane is very thin and it is associated with the lips with the help of muscle fibers. Likewise, alveolar mucosa and periosteum act as the facilitating structures.

There are four main types of frenal attachments. The position of the attachment of the frenal fibers is essentially what makes it different from other types. For instance, in the case of mucosal attachment, the the drenal fibers are located at the mucogingival junction.

In the Gingival attachment, the frenal attachment is near the attached gingival and in some of the people, it is inserted within it. The papillary attachment involves the attachment of frenal attachments and it goes to the interdental papilla. Lastly, the papilla penetrating attachment may have the frenal attachment linked to the alveolar process and it is believed to be near the platatine papilla. Moreover, the diverse options available when it comes to the frenum attachment may make it hard for the patients to comprehend the main concepts. For instance, simple frenum has a nodule attached to it. There are some of the options, which have an appendix with it. Furthermore, persistent tectolabial frenum, Bifid labial and double frenum are few of the new options.

Syndromes of Frenum Attachment
Broadly speaking, the absence of the lingual frenum is called as Ethlers-Danlos syndrome. Moreover, oral facial digital syndrome, Ellis-van-Creveid syndrome have been seen in many cases. Therefore, it is recommended that you take precautionary measures to prevent the onset of the syndromes or tendency in you.

Symptoms of Abnormal Frenum Attachment
According to the experts, the best way of identifying the unusual changes in the frenum attachment is to put pressure on the frenum in order to detect the movement of papillary tip.in addition to assessing the balance of the alveolar attachment.

Tongue-Tie (Ankyloglossia)
Another name for tongue tie is called as high lingual frenum, which is mostly an outcome of an anomaly. Though the tip of the tongue cannot be folded if one goes beyond the lower incisors, in some cases, it is considered that the short frenum linguae can create probelms, especially if it has scar tissue, it becomes difficult to determine. There are four main classes of ankyloglossia. The mild, moderate and severe conditions would require different responses.

If you are someone who has the high frenal attachment, the best option is to go for frenectomy, this is not to say that the treatment should be done without consulting the dentist, rather it is important that you discuss your case with the expert in the field. This treatment is used for the adults and children both. The main purpose of the procedure is to remove the extra or some part of the frenum. Though there are two main types of the frenum present in the mouth, however, the procedure of the frenectomy is done on the people who suffer from the labial frennum.

Orthodontic Treatment
In some of the cases, children have to go through the process in order to resolve the issue of gaps in the teeth. Coming to the frenectomy, it recommended by most of the dentist that children should get the treatment before the orthodontic stage. However, in other cases, the frenenctomy and orthodontic treatment have been done together. The main idea is to get rid of the high frenal attachment to increase the gaps between front teeth.

Main Techniques
The traditional technique is used to avoid the midline diatema, which may entail interdetnal tissue and palatine papilla, while the technique of millers is used to remove the frenulum in the complete sense. All those patients who have the large attachment in the areas of incisor teeth or the area of premolar and molars can be treated with V-Y Plasty. Furthermore, the Z Plasty is utilized to target the areas of inter-incisors. Additionally, if you are looking for the solutions of bleeding in the mouth, it can be treated with electocautery frenectomy. Furthermore, the options of the laser can greatly reduce the need for suture and bleeding.

Post Treatment Tips
If you have recently gotten the treatment of frenectomy, it is recommended that you follow the essential tips to make the process of healing faster for you. For instance, you can start from taking the medication.  This does not mean that you will have to take the medication, however, if you see the changes or if the recovery is not up to the expected time, it is best to pay your dentist a visit.

Though the role of diet is important in the life, however, if you want to facilitate the body functioning in terms of fighting the infections or to make preparation for the treatment, it is good to increase the intake of those elements in your diet, which are helpful. Similarly, the organic remedies may also make it easy for you to enhance the capability of your mechanisms to respond to the changes. For instance, if the immune system is working in addition to the proper care of the dentist, the recovery process is drastically improved.

The main idea of mentioning the various techniques of the dental procedures is to make the patients aware of the important steps so that they can be guided in terms of asking the right questions in addition to taking the precautionary and preventive steps. Moreover, another misconception about the above-mentioned treatment is that it has got more to do with the frenum attachments than anything else, while a quick survey of these options reveal that it can help to solve the strictly dental or teeth related problems as well.

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